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Alex Carroll has been a guest on more than 1,200 radio and television shows around the world on the topic of beating and escaping speeding tickets.

Book him for an appearance and find out why countless hosts and producers have lauded him as one of their best guests ever, and why some have even rescheduled celebrities just to make room for him.

He is available by telephone, via satellite, and occasionally in studio.

His press release and list of sample interview questions follow below. If you'd like a copy of his book and a complete press kit, please call
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Ex-Courier Driver Beats 8 of 10 Tickets ...


Author of "Beat The Cops" tells your audience:

How he beat 6 out of 7 radar tickets
How it's possible to speed legally
About an organization that pays speeding ticket fines
How to beat tickets without going to court
How to schedule your trial during the cop's vacation
How to beat camera tickets
Two things to never do when pulled over
How to beat air-patrol tickets
How to beat out-of-state tickets
Cop's favorite hiding places
How to beat visually estimated speeding tickets
If cops still have quotas
What to do if you don’t have time to fight your ticket

 ... And much more

100,000 tickets issued daily nationwide
Approximately 30 million tickets annually. The vast majority of them are undeserved. Whether victims of speed traps, improper speed limits, faulty radar equipment, quotas or bad police judgment, the effect is the same. They don't deserve the inflated fines and certainly not the outrageous insurance surcharges that follow. Burglars usually get off easier. 

Average ticket fine: $200
Municipalities across the country rake in more than $3 Billion each year in ticket fines. Many speed trap towns generate more than 75% of their operating budgets just from speeding tickets. Sadly, law enforcement officers are being used as nothing more than armed tax collector's in many areas.
Average insurance surcharge: $1,000 (over 3 year period)
Insurance companies are the real winners in the ticket business. The figures tell the story: 30 million tickets times $333 (average annual surcharge increase per ticket) equals a yearly windfall of nearly $10 Billion. No wonder the insurance companies were the only ones fighting the repeal of the 55 MPH speed limit in 1996. 
75% of prepared ticket challengers win
While 90% of ticket recipients are obediently mailing in their fines, the majority of the 10%
who actually challenge their tickets are winning, and saving themselves a bundle in the process. Why do the ticketed usually roll over - even though they're often not guilty? Many don't realize how much it'll really cost them, and the rest are intimidated by cops and courts and don't believe they have a chance.

After former courier driver Alex Carroll beat 8 of 10 tickets, he realized that fellow motorists just needed a little help and instruction - and in plain English, not legalese. 

Since writing "Beat The Cops, The Guide To Fighting Your Traffic Ticket & Winning," Carroll has become a motorist's advocate and has appeared as a guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows across North America. 

He went on to head the California Chapter of the National Motorist's Association and was a leading spokesperson in the organization's successful drive to repeal the national 55 MPH Speed Limit. 

His book has sold well over 100,000 copies nationwide.

"Beat The Cops" is available for $14.95 by Visiting:

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Speeding Excuses That Work ...

Your Audience Will Learn Clever Escapes Like These:

How an average Joe turned his garden hose into a ticket terminator

For women: 10 very effective "Female Only" excuses

The trick to using your camera to avoid a ticket

The "insider" police hand signal that can help keep you from being stopped

How to use that "chip" in your windshield to get out of a ticket

How one clever guy uses an expired registration to avoid speeding tickets

Why it’s a good idea to always keep a bottle of water in your car

The "special brochure" from the "clinic" that ALWAYS gets one man out of tickets

How another man uses a blank pad of paper to escape tickets

Plus ...

The "secret ingredient" that makes ALL excuses work
Figure out a cop's rank - use it to get out of a ticket
7 bumper stickers that often cause cops to look the other way

... And many more

Alex Carroll is a former courier driver who beat 8 of 10 tickets.

In addition to "Speeding Excuses That Work," he's also the best-selling author of  "Beat The Cops, The Guide To Fighting Your Traffic Ticket & Winning," - over 100,000 copies sold.

Carroll has been featured on ABC News with Sam Donaldson, E!, The Learning Channel and Howard Stern - and has been a guest on more than 1,200 radio shows worldwide. 

Real Stories.  Real People.
Real Excuses - 
That Really Worked!

"Speeding Excuses That Work" is available for $14.95
by calling
Or visit:

Sample Interview Questions

For Alex Carroll,

Author of  "Beat The Cops,
The Guide To Fighting Your Traffic Ticket And Winning"


  1. So Alex ...How many tickets did you get? (answer takes 1 Minute)  
  2. What are 2 things you should never do when you get pulled over? (1 Minute)

  3. How is it possible that many tickets cost over $1,000.00 each? (30 Seconds)
  4. How can I schedule my trial during the officer's vacation…or on his day off? 
    (90 Seconds)  
  5. What is the easiest way to beat a radar ticket? (90 Seconds)  
  6. How about those cameras tickets, can I beat those? (90 Seconds)
  7. What if a cop gives me a ticket for not using my turn signal? Can I beat it? (1 Minute)  
  8. You say that its possible to exceed the posted speed limit......legally….and its not an emergency!? Explain that one. (90 Seconds) 

  9. What happens when I get a ticket from a cop in an airplane? (1 Minute)

  10. Do cops still have ticket quotas? (30 Seconds)  

  11. What if I get a ticket in another state….how can I beat that? (90 Seconds)

  12. What can I do if a cop says he "visually estimated" (guessed) my speed? (90 Seconds)
  13. What can I do if I don’t have time to fight my ticket?  

To Schedule An Interview,

Contact Alex At:

(877) 733-3888


Sample Interview Questions

For Alex Carroll,

Author of:  "Speeding Excuses That Work".


  1. So Alex ...Where did you get all these excuses?  
  2. What's the story with the guy who gets out of tickets with a garden hose?

  3. You say there's a "Secret" hand signal we can use that'll keep cops from stopping us?
  4. Tell us about the guy who escapes tickets by keeping a textbook in his back seat …  

  5. We’re dying to hear about the "Female Only" excuses …  

  6. What’s with the guy who gets out of speeding tickets with an expired registration?
  7. OK, why should we always keep a bottle of water in our cars?  
  8. Is there an excuse that will get us out of one of those camera tickets?  
  9. What’s the story with the guy who uses the chip in his windshield to escape tickets?
  10. And the woman who turns tickets into warnings with a camera … what’s her secret?
  11. You claim there's a "Secret Ingredient" that makes ALL excuses work. What is it?

  12. And what about the guy with the "special fuse" in his car. How does he use that to get away?  

To Schedule An Interview,

Contact Alex At:

(877) 733-3888